Ann Ohlmacher

Body-Centered Psychotherapy

​Rolfing, Advanced Practitioner


Ann has an educational and experiential background in mind/body studies that spans 35 years. She received her BA in Art and Art History at Sarah Lawrence College. As a young adult, she studied and taught yoga and middle eastern dance. In the late 1970s and early 1980s Ann studied dance, psychotherapy, and martial arts at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. She was certified as a Rolfing Movement Teacher in 1982, as a Rolfer in 1984, and as an Advanced Rolfer in 1988 at the Rolf Institute in Boulder. Ann returned to the Naropa Institute in the early 90s and completed an MA in Body Psychology. She has also trained in N.L.P., dance therapy, art therapy, Shamanic Studies, and Aquatic Therapies.  Ann is committed to offering her clients a multidimensional approach that honors the inherent wisdom and vitality of the body as well as each person's unique path towards wholeness. She has found that Structural Integration, Body-Centered Counseling, and Movement Therapy are powerful resources for guiding her clients to achieve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual integration.